Civil Law - Real Property Law, Construction and Development

Solicitors of the ŽIŽKA& PARTNERS Attorneys at Law provide comprehensive legal consulting concerning all types of real property transactions, letting of housing and non-residential premises, investment projects, financing, developer’s activities and construction.

ŽIŽKA& PARTNERS Attorneys at Law provide their legal services both to significant developers and building companies operating in the Czech Republic and abroad, and to domestic and foreign individual investors.

We offer comprehensive legal service for developer’s projects including providing advice when purchasing real property, advice on applications for planning permission, building permit and administrative proceedings, on financing projects and administrating projects, and legal relationships concerning further sale of real property.

In this field, we offer to our clients mainly:

Purchase and sale of real property

  • preparation and revision of contracts regulating legal disposition of real estates (sales contract, contract of donation and deed of mortgage, etc.)
  • representing individual investors during the whole process of purchasing a real property mainly while negotiating with the other contracting party regarding entering into reservation contract, agreement to enter into sales contract, representing client while negotiating with banks, estate agency, suppliers, cadastral authorities, building office and other administrative bodies.

Developer’s activities - construction and development

  • providing legal service when making acquisitions
  • green field and brown field projects
  • land-use planning, application for planning permit including advice on providing infrastructure and public transport, and assistance when drafting the relevant planning contracts
  • issues concerning environment protection
  • consulting services concerning building of housing complexes, business and administration centres including assessment of contracts for the work done and providing for legal relationship with suppliers, engineering and designing professions
  • processing the owner’s declaration and obtaining the necessary documents for owner’s declaration and changes thereof
  • preparation and revision of transaction documents between developers, owners, future users and financial institutions
  • organizing the establishing meeting of the association of the unit owners and registering the association of the unit owners with the Commercial Register including bringing a notary to the establishing meeting of the association of the unit owners

Due diligence

  • comprehensive due diligence of acquisitions titles and legal relationship of real property focusing on identifying and assessing legal, economic and tax risks concerning transactions with real property


  • comprehensive consulting services including mortgage and credit operations, deed of mortgage and other security measures
  • services of professional mortgage consultants

Letting and subletting housing and non-residential premises

  • revision and preparation of letting and subletting contracts
  • preparation of sample tailor-made documents for clients
  • representing clients in matters related to relationship between the real property owner and the tenants

Deposits with Solicitor

  • depositing deeds with solicitor
  • depositing funds with solicitor to independent accounts including the option of notarial deposit and bank deposit

In the field of real property law, we also offer:

  • resolving disputes related to real property transactions listed above, mainly representing clients at judicial, administrative and arbitral proceedings
  • legal advice concerning establishing and administrating housing associations
  • security tools concerning real property law (easement, deeds of mortgage, pre-emptive right, etc.)